Brown-Forman - Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Brown-Forman Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack wanted to generate exciting, on-brand content in 5+ key US markets over 1 year.

The Challenge
Before partnering with MavenReach, the Brown-Forman team experienced challenges and delays effectively building regional influencer marketing partnerships to create authentic influencer User Generated Content (UGC).

The Gentleman Jack team initially relied on manual outreach (emails and direct messages) to partner with influencers. Individually sourcing and managing partnerships, contracts, remittance, and content approval was proving difficult to scale across multiple time zones. The Gentleman Jack team began the hunt for a one-stop shop that could streamline the process.

The Strategy
  • Partnering with diverse content creators.
With MavenReach’s software and network of thousands of influencers, we could easily target key creators with followers from various life stages, geographic areas, and interests. Brown-Forman sought out millennial content creators ranging from “foodies,” local mixologists, LGBTQ+, and fashion/make-up influencers with followers ranging from 7k - 1M.

MavenReach’s suite of search tools allowed Brown-Forman to easily eliminate content creators with falsified engagement and partner with authentic young-adult influencers for their campaign.

  • Sourcing, generating and managing authentic content.
With automated and customizable term templates, the Gentleman Jack team effortlessly shared collaboration guidelines to ensure on-brand content.

MavenReach’s Google Drive integration enables easy 24/7 access of all campaign UGC and analytics.

The Results
Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack has seen an increase in overall engagement and a significant savings in ad spend since working with MavenReach. The long term influencer partnerships and ability to repurpose the content were key factors in Gentleman Jack’s ability to scale across multiple social media channels.
clicks to website
reduction in content
creation costs
pieces of content
per market
content creator relationships per market
campaign ROI
followers gained
MoM purchases increase
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